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Bringing manufacturing best practices and working capital to help you transition your company to the next level.

Est. 1951

72 years of excellence


Customer Needs Analysis

Understanding the ideal client, looking at their unique needs, and the solutions you provide is key to your companies longevity. 

Cost Structure Benchmarking and Optimization

We’ll bring our experience accumulated from over 100 years in the industry, getting into the details of costing and helping you optimize your production processes. 

Key Performance Indicators and Reporting

Measuring what matters is essential to continued growth. KPI’s and OKR’s serve as the scoreboard for your team and ensure alignment on goals. 

Administrative, HR, and Financial Shared Services

The Iroquois team takes this responsibility completely off of your shoulders so you can focus on what you know best. 

Strategic Planning

What’s next? These are critical years for your organization and we’ll help map out the next phase for you and your employees. 

Working capital

It’s the fuel that makes the engine go. We bring working capital to the table that opens up a new world of possibilities for the future.  


Iroquois Industrial Group consists of these wonderful Organizations listed below. Each company within our portfolio stands alone and has its own unique history and contribution to the industry. Together, they form something different and special, and we would love to continue growing and adding strategic partners. We’d love for you to consider the benefits of joining a powerful group like IIG.

T&D Metal Products

Steel Solutions USA

Petersen Tru-Cut Automotive

C&L Trucking Co.

MPD Medical Systems

Savannah Industrial Solutions

Mod Interiors

Benda Conveyor Solutions


Steel Solutions USA

Petersen Tru-Cut Automotive

C & L Trucking Co.

MPD Medical Systems

Savannah Industrial Solutions

Benda Conveyor Solutions, LLC


MOD Interiors


Welcome to Iroquois Industrial Group (IIG), where we empower businesses with flexible acquisition solutions and unmatched industry expertise. As a third-generation family-run business, we offer current owners the option to sell or stay involved, providing smaller teams access to our vast network of connections, capital, and buying power. We’re not just corporate suits; we’re hands-on operators who know the industry and its people. With IIG, you can have confidence that your business is in good hands, whether you’re looking to exit gracefully or continue as part of the team. 

We serve the following industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Trucking
  • Woodworking
  • Interior design
  • Fabrication
  • Conveyor systems
  • Automotive
  • NAPA
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Active Team Members

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Active Team Members


We know that your business is part of your identity and we take the responsibility of stepping into your company very seriously. It’s an honor and a privilege, and one that we’ve taken on multiple times. It’s important to us that you hear from other owners and executives like yourself who have experienced this with us before, so you can an accurate representation of how Iroquois Industrial Group might work for you. 


We want to work with you.


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